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Nourish the Bay

Find Food Distribution Resources serving the Bay Area

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Whether you're looking to donate, volunteer, or receive, look no further for local organizations to assist you.

Child Planting in Greenhouse


Got spare change or excess produce you're looking to put to good use?

Food Delivery


Ready to give your time and energy to the food justice movement?

Modern Family


Need assistance to feed yourself and your loved ones?

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Resources for UC Berkeley Students

Are you a Golden Bear that needs food and basic needs support?
Check out these organizations that cater just to UC Berkeley students!

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Questions for the team?

Thank you for visiting the site! Please feel free to send a message about the project or any of the resources provided.
Note that this site is not responsible for any of the organizations recommended, and is simply a resource hub.

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About Nourish the Bay

Founded at UC Berkeley, Grounded in the Bay Area

Established in 2020 as a final project, Nourish the Bay was created by a UC Berkeley undergrad to dismantle the barriers that stop communities from achieving food justice. This website is founded with the belief that the way food is moved throughout the world can and should be changed, by connecting the producer to the consumer themselves through community food banks and environmental organizations. This website is here to help you become a part of this change, in whatever role you play!

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